Sunday, July 18, 2010

Swimming and Archery

A little after 9am this morning I went to the Capital Federal Natatorium at Hummer Sports Park for the Sunflower State Games swimming competition.  In case you were wondering, natatorium is a Latin word that means "place for swimming", though in modern times this very ancient word is usually used to imply an indoor swimming pool.  I worked my way around the huge pool and shot photos and video of some of the races.  There was a good crowd watching, and it's pretty loud in there with the p.a. announcer, whistles, cheers, and all the splashing.  While I was there the swimmers were racing one length of the pool, however far that is.  It was little kids at that time, so they must start with the youngsters and work their way up through the adults.  The race lap times are shown live on a giant scoreboard on one wall, and at the end of the race all the swimmers turn at the same time and look at it.

I left the swimming action and drove way out south to 97th and S. Topeka Blvd. for the archery competition.  There is a long line of targets at the far end of a field, and a covered area for the competitors to stand and fire their arrows.  The bows they are using are amazingly hi-tech.  I didn't dare touch or bump into one.  You don't want to have to pay to repair one, and you don't really want to anger a burly guy in camo holding onto sharp pointed weapons.  The guy running the show went over the rules, then the first round of competitors lined up to fire.  About 15 people all fired about 10 arrows each.  I stayed safely behind the caution tape and captured the action.  The commissioner guy sat under a brightly colored umbrella and watched down the line as they fired.  Once everyone was done they all walked down and wrote down their scores and retrieved their arrows.  Next weekend is the final one of the Sunflower Games, and there are still a couple of good events worth photographing.

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