Saturday, July 17, 2010

Let the Games Begin

Last evening Lyndy, Evan and I went to Hummer Sports Park for the Sunflower State Games opening ceremonies.  This is the third year we have gone.  Some of the games have already been  held.  For example my event, disc golf, was last weekend. However, there are only a couple other events held that first weekend.  The second weekend is when it really gets going, and they have the ceremonies the night before.  The track and field competition was held today, and when we got there they were still pole vaulting.  I positioned myself alongside and to the left of the runway and took some photos.  It also happened to be a nice, shady location. 

 The opening ceremonies are in a parking lot near the Hummer Park football field.  They have food, vendor booths, music, etc.  It's fun to walk around and see all the stuff.  KU had a booth there giving away information and posters about the upcoming football season.  There is also a 5K/10K running race, called the Governor's Cup.  But first, they light the Olympic Torch.  The person lighting it is usually a long-time Sunflower State Games participant.  I got this shot of the big moment. 

We watched some more pole vaulting, then found a location to watch the Governor's Cup runners start their race.  There were somewhere in the range of 150 or 200 runners in the race, so I snapped about 6 photos as they streamed by. 

They circled around the parking lot, then headed out into the city.  Police cars were all over blocking traffic and clearing the race route for them.  After the runners had moved on we headed to the car.  We were very hot, so we headed down 6th street to G's Ice Cream to cool off.  I ended up having a cherry limeade instead of ice cream.

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