Sunday, July 25, 2010

The J and K Experience

Lyndy, Evan, and I went to Lazio's Coffee Shop last evening to see a musical performance by some friends of mine, Jake and Keith.  Jake played guitar and sang, and Keith played the bass.  I met them a few years ago when I filmed and produced a music video for the rock band they were in at the time. 

Since that initial meeting I have seen Jake perform live on several occasions.  Last night he was joined by Keith, and I liked the way the bass guitar really added a nice compliment to the sound of Jake's acoustic guitar.  There was a really good turnout, somewhat overwhelming the guy working behind the counter.  A coworker joined him later, and I wondered whether he had perhaps called her in to help.  I had a hot chocolate and took my new astronomy star charts in to read while we listened to the music.  We are friends with some of the other people that came to watch the show, so we did some catching up with them.  Evan got some quality time with his PSP.  The only setback to the evening was that the coffeeshop's wireless internet connection was down, leaving Lyndy unable to fight Vampires from her laptop.

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