Sunday, June 20, 2010

An Evening at the Lake

Last evening Lyndy, Evan, and I went to Shawnee State Fishing Lake in northwest Shawnee county, Kansas.  It's easy to get there, just go north out of Topeka on Highway 75 and go west a few miles on NW 86th St. We spent several hours there sitting in some of the limited shade available, reading, listening to Lyndy's iPod over a boombox, eating a pizza we took out there, and relaxing. I fished a little, catching a few very small fish. We went on a walk along the road that goes around the lake. During that walk I took this photo: 

I have been to this lake many times in my life, from camping trips as a kid, to keg parties in my late teens and twenties, and a lot of fishing trips.  We always just called it the State Lake.  We never called it the "Fishing" Lake, but that is part of it's official name.  The Forestry, Fish, and Game Commission of Kansas bought this land in 1958, and built the lake in the early 1960's.  It has changed very little over the years.  There never has been very many trees, and it has only a few campsites.  You can't have ski boats or jet skis, nor can you even swim.  Here, it's all about fishing, and occasionally, at least in the old days, keg parties. 

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