Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mariachi Girasol

I recently videotaped a performance of a local mariachi band- Mariachi Girasol (Sunflower) at the Marlo Cuevas-Balandran Activity Center in Topeka.  I edited the video and gave each member of the band a copy.  I later received a card signed by all of the band members thanking me for the video, which was a super-nice thing to receive.

This was not my first encounter with a mariachi band.  In the summer of 1980 I went to Mexico with a dozen or so fellow Shawnee Heights high school students, including my brother.  We had all been taking Spanish together for a few years. We planned the trip during the school year and went a few weeks after school ended for the summer.  We went to Mexico City, Taxco, and Acapulco.  One night in Mexico City we went to a big plaza and there were a bunch of mariach bands walking around playing for tourists.  We hired one of the groups and they played a few songs for us.  That night in Mexico City was on my mind while I was filming Mariachi Girasol.

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