Thursday, August 26, 2010

Text Messaging in Kansas

A new study shows that cell phone owners in Kansas send the 4th most number of text messages per month of all the states.  The only states that have more text messages sent are Indiana, Arkansas, and Pennsylvania.  That is interesting, it shows that population alone doesn't indicate who sends the most text messages.  I wonder why California or Florida or New York don't send as many messages as Kansas, or Arkansas?  The report doesn't offer any explanations.  It does say that in 2009 there were 202 billion text messages sent nationwide over the AT&T network, and in the first half of 2010 there had already been 297 billion text messages sent. 

If Kansas comes in fourth, I can proudly say that I contribute heavily to that total.  I send a lot of text messages.  I dislike talking on the phone immensely, so when text messages came along I jumped on that bandwagon with much enthusiasm.  I send a hundred text messages for every one phone call I make.  Text message technology was designed with me in mind.  Lyndy had to change my cell phone plan to allow for virtually unlimited text messages.  They could turn off my ability to make phone calls and I wouldn't even care.   

A month ago it became illegal in Kansas to send a text message while driving, and I have honored that law.  I admit it is dangerous to text while driving, and I admit I was doing it a lot.  I stopped doing it cold turkey when that law went into effect.  I hardly ever talk on the phone while driving, so I'm back to just driving and listening to my precious am sports talk radio, another thing that I cannot do without.  I never listen to music in the car.  Now I just speed everywhere I go so that when I get there I can start texting again!

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