Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Suburban Bike Ride

Here Evan and I proudly display our bikes and expensive biking clothes, ordered online from the finest suppliers in Italy.  We are standing in front of the Payless Shoes store on S. Topeka Blvd. where Lyndy has a part-time job.  Our first destination was to get air in our tires, which we did at the local BP station.  I figure the people that own that station didn't have anything to do with the oil spill and they need to make a living, too.  So we plunked down 4 quarters and aired up. 

We pulled up in front of Payless in time to see a bunch of wild, screaming kids come out of the store.  One girl, about 12, was yelling and completely flipping out at her little toddler brother because his sandal had fallen off as he walked.  Her reaction appeared totally out of proportion to the seriousness of his offense.  I asked Evan what he thought she would be like by the time she was 30, and we both shuddered at the mental image.  A shellshocked Lyndy staggered outside to see us as they left and she looked like she wanted to fire a pistol at their van as they drove off. 

After having our photo taken we started for home.  We rode towards Gordman's and I noticed that the Girls Gone Wild bus was parked in front of the Wild Horse Saloon country bar.  Looks like the cowboys are going to be seeing some pretty interesting mechanical bull riding tonight.  Tempting as it was to ride up and knock on the door of the bus, we headed home, riding past my childhood home on W. 31st St. by Holiday Square shopping center.  It was thundering as we got near home, but alas, no rain.  It was a fun bike ride and I'll probably be sore for a while.

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  1. LOL...This is too funny. I'm sharing it with all the bikers in my office!