Monday, January 10, 2011

Europe 2003

I've been looking at the photos I took in Europe in 2003 and decided to throw a few of them up here to share.  Lyndy and I flew to Amsterdam, Holland in March 2003.  We spent a week driving about in a rental car (actually more like a van).  We drove a total of 900 miles in Holland, Germany, and France.  Here are some sample photos.  Please click to enlarge:

Yes, there really are windmills in Holland.  Lots of them.

Darren Danger at a sidewalk table in Haarlem, Holland

Every other street in Amsterdam is actually a canal.

One of the huge plazas in Amsterdam.


Road sign in Holland.

Darren Danger in Amsterdam.

A bus stop sign in Germany.

Heidelberg, Germany.  Note castle ruins on hill.

Another view in Heidelberg.

Road sign in Germany.

A castle we toured in eastern France.

View from tower of castle looking straight down.

Sign in France near German border.

Narrow street in Strasbourg, France.

Half timber buildings in Strasbourg.

Darren Danger representing the Chiefs in France.

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