Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Show

On Saturday October 30th my band (still unnamed, we have yet to settle on anything) played at a Halloween costume party.  I had a great time and it was a lot of fun.  The party was at a house near Auburn, surrounded by big trees, a creek, and farmland.  We played inside a garage, with the partygoers just outside with a big overhead tent awning providing cover.  It was fairly chilly, only about 50 degrees. Everyone in the band was in costume, as was just about everybody watching us.  That provided for an almost guaranteed good night, and the audience danced and gave us a great response after every song.  Someone set up a fog machine and I kept activating it as we played, turning the garage into London. 

I got a good audio recording of the show, but the videocamera only captured the first 25 minutes and then the hard drive was full.  Very amateurish preparation on my part.  I told Lyndy she didn't have to spend the whole show shooting photos, she could just watch this time, so she only shot 16 pictures.  I am posting a few of the better ones here.

We played 25 songs, including Monster Mash in honor of the Halloween party occasion.  We had rehearsed that song during the two weeks leading up to the show.  The crowd chanted for two encores.  We were beginning to run out of songs we have rehearsed recently.    Click on these photos to enlarge.

The view from the entrance to the garage.  Fog in foreground.

Some of these are pretty dark.  This is closer to the actual lighting.

Josh and Jordan

Darren and Jarod

Ghoul Rock

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