Friday, September 17, 2010

Moving Again

We are getting ready to move out of our house into an apartment.  Our plan is to pay off bills and make preparations to buy our own house.  For the last three weeks I have been going through every item I own and sorting it all into three piles- keep to put in the apartment, keep to put in the storage garage we rented, or throw it away.  We are slowly building a giant stack of boxes in one of the rooms of our house, waiting for the big move.  My body has been sore for days from all the stooping, bending, lifting, hoisting, and straining.  I've sneezed about a million times from dusty old boxes.  We are down to one week to go, so it will all be over soon. 

Nobody is a fan of moving.  Relocating to a new residence can often be fun, but the logistics of actually moving have almost no redeeming value other than giving you a chance to get rid of things you really don't need.  Moving used to be a pretty simple process for me.  I remember being able to put everything I owned in the back of a friend's pickup and doing the whole thing in about an hour.  I  have accumulated quite a bit more stuff though, so it's not so simple now.  A couple nights ago I was thinking about all the times I've moved and all the places I've lived.  I got a piece of paper and made a list of every house or apartment I've ever called home.  Here is the list:

1963-c.1964        2200 block NE Thomas St in Oakland (Where I lived when born)

c. 1964-c.1968    900 block? NE Oakland St in Oakland

1968-1974           829 SW 31st (1st street south of Holiday Square shopping center)

1974-1982           R 1 Lecompton (actually in Big Springs, KS)

1982-1984           829 SW 31st (here again, on my own for the first time)

1984-1985          1014 Poplar in Oakland (lived with my grandmother for a few months)

1985-1986          1040 NE Michigan in Oakland (house with two roomates)

1986-1987          1215 SW Polk (Capital Square Apartments)

1987-1988          1014 Poplar in Oakland (back with grandmother a few months again)

1988-1989          305? SW 4th St (a cool old brick building near downtown Topeka)

1989-1991          Meadowbrook Apartments in Lawrence, KS

1991-1992          15?? Lynch Ct (a studio apartment in Lawrence)

1992-1995          3000 block SE Michigan in Topeka (My mom's house at the time)

1995-1996          2900 block SW 31st Court (La Casa Grande Apartments)

1996-2001          2100 block SE Carnahan (a garlow house above a garage)

2001-2005          2100 block SE Carnahan (a cabin on the same property)

2005-2010          1605 SW 27th (the house we are in now, the best place I've ever lived)

That's 15 different houses and apartments (and a trailer, when we lived in Big Springs), two of which I lived in twice.  I think I probably lived in at least one or two other places the first few years of my life, I'm not sure.  I lived in a house in Lawrence for about three days, but I hated it so much I moved right out again.  I didn't count it here, though. 

If you made a list like this, what would it look like?  Can you remember everywhere you have ever lived?  Would you want to go back and live again in any of the homes from your past?

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